9stacks releases poker rap song, launches campaign Hustle Hai

When it comes to social media marketing, 9stacks put it to good use through intelligent investment in potentially profitable channels. Sudhir Kammath, CEO of 9stacks mentioned  last year that the company wants to ‘build its business around retention rather than acquisition,’ and seems like it has adhered to its principles till now, creating an attractive poker company over the months with a good range of offerings.

Recently, the company teamed up with Dependent Artists, a rap duo based in Mumbai, to create a poker-centric rap video called ‘HUSTLE HAI’. As rap takes over the nation like a storm finessed through Zoya Akhtar’s Gully Boy, ‘HUSTLE HAI’ couldn’t be any more perfect in its timing.

The music video features Jizzy and Talha from Dependent Artists. The duo gained fame and momentum after their subsequent collaboration with Viral Fever and Screenpatti, two fairly popular YouTube content houses. The video also features Ahsaas Channa of TVF, My Friend Ganesha and Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna fame. Jasmeet Singh aka ‘Jizzy’ is a popular actor who features in sketches produced by TVF and Screenpatti. Talha Siddiqui aka ‘Talha’ is a ‘middle ground rapper’ who writes screenplays and creates rap songs which represent reality in a humorous way.

The song is rebellious in its approach and talks about how life is a hustle for everyone, either a super annoying and strict boss or a guy who is stressing about his birthday gift to his girlfriend without having a single penny on him. The beats are groovy and will definitely appeal to all those who are high on the recent surge of underground rap in the country, especially on the streets of Mumbai.

Steps to win Rs 5000 by participating in 9stacks Hustle Hai

1.  Download TikTok and Search 9stacks /#HustleHai /#PokerAnytimeAnywhere/ #9stacks

2. Make a video of yourself dancing on the Hustle Hai Hook Step

3. Upload it on your Instagram tagging @9stacksonline and #Hustlewith9stacks. [Make sure your account is public, not private]

4. 10 Lucky Winners get Rs 5000, each!

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