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The frequent live poker tournaments being organised in India like India Poker Series,India Poker Pro,India Poker Championship,India Poker Ranking Tour etc.have seen players from all parts of India participating in these grand poker tournament held in Casino Royale.players have not only won huge cash prizes by winning in this tournament but also gain fame and limelight.following are some of the players that have made it big in Indian Poker community

Top Poker Players in India

Abhishek Goindi
Amit Varma
Anosh Patel
Husain Lakdawala
Jasven Saigal
Rakesh Agrawal
Rahul Melwani
Aditya Agarwal
Lawrence Sanjay
Amit Jain
Rajesh Arul
Pulkit Kalia
Mihail Stoykov

#1. Abhishek Goindi

Abhishek Goindi is a Poker pro whose achievement has inspired many to play poker in India. In India poker is not well known but Abhishekh is a typical example that one can also make a career by playing Poker.his exceptional poker skill has made him highly admired poker Player in the in the Indian world of poker.


Twitter Handle of   – Abhishek Goindi


Dance From sunrise to sunrise!!! Poker Pro.. Sports and Music freak!!Live to travel!

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/abhishek.goindi

  • Personal Life of Abhishek

Abhishek Goindi belongs to Bangalore. He is graduate from Christ college Bangalore and worked at a multinational company with a banking profile. Abhishekh realized his passion towards fascinating cards game so quits his jobs to dedicatedly play Poker.

The Poker pro is an MTT specialist and achieved success in almost all tournament leaderboard in India. Abhishek Goindi has not only participate in Indian tournament but also play world level tournaments.

Apart from having passion in Poker, he also interested in traveling and love to listen to music.

#2. Amit Varma

Amit Varma one among the several poker players who holds an impressive profile.he is not only a dedicated poker but also a novelist, blogger who has won admiration for his content of literature work.

  • Personal Life of Amit 

Amit Varma is a pro poker and a writer from a Mumbai. Apart from his passion for poker in also works in television and advertising. He also a journalist by passion and wrote for the reputed publication like The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian and Wisden Cricketers’ Almanack.

For many months he works as a managing editor of Cricinfo India and currently he works as a consultant for them.

His distribution is not only limited for this he also used to write weekly column thinking it through for his business newspaper Mint.

In 2005 his blog, India uncut won the best indie blog award at the indibloggies which were again nominated in the following year.

In October 2007 for his work, Amit Varma won the 2007 Bastiat Prize for Journalism, which usually is awarded to honor writers “whose work cleverly and wittily promotes the institutions of the free society”.

Amit Varma first book my friend Sancho published in may 2009. His book became the biggest selling debut novel in 2009. The plot of my friend Sancho is usually a contemporary love story set in Mumbai.for his book he earlier been longlisted man Asian literary prize 2008.

In April 2009 business week magazine has named Amit Varma in its 50 most powerful people 2009 list.

#3. Anosh Patel

Many believe that Anosh Patel is a young gun who has been making waves in the popular India Tournament Circuit.

  • Personal Life of Anosh Patel

Anosh Patel is from Dubai.he came to Mumbai for business purpose but fall in love with the exciting game poker and became an avid poker player who is seen on a regular basis in the Casinos of Goa. In his poker career, Anosh Patel has won many tournaments.

#4. Husain Lakdawala

Husain Lakdawala is another rising star who has charmed the Indian poker community with his exceptional poker skills and strategy. In his bright poker career, Husain has played in several tournaments and also made a good amount of winnings.

  • Personal Life of Husain

Husain Lakdawala is a business professional and lives in Goa. Besides playing poker, he is passionate about playing cricket. His passion is not only restricted to the real table tournaments but also he loves to play poker online.

Husain Lakdawala as a poker intense interest ensures that he never misses the Indian Tournament Circuit.

#5. Jasven Saigal

Jasven Saigal is one of the players who won India Poker Championship. He is a high-value poker player who has played many tournaments and known as a successful poker player.

  • Personal Life of Jasven

Jasven Saigal belongs from Mumbai whos family running a catering business. How he learned to play poker is a quite interesting story. Jasven interest developed in poker after playing a tournament in 2008. He absorbs all attention from poker game so started organizing home cash game he started following his passion and proved himself as a trusted tournament player.

Jasven only hobby is learning and learns more about poker. He started visiting Goa, again and again, to participate in the poker tournaments. Apart from playing poker he also was known as co-owner of Ace Unlimited.

#6. Rakesh Agrawal

Rakesh Agarwal is another poker pro who play poker with great passion. He is trying hard to add more achievement in his career in the Indian poker circuit he is well known as RAAKA.

  • Personal Life of Rakesh  

Rakesh Agarwal is from Bangalore. Although he is passionate about poker, he also loves table tennis and cricket, and also support the Sri Lankan cricket team. Not only he participates in the real poker table but also likes playing poker online and his favorite poker site is the Pokerstars.net.

His interest towards this card game developed gradually through the Sports Betting. At the initial stage, he started playing poker online in spare time which transformed into his passion. Eventually, he decided to make his career as a poker pro and started to play both cash games and tournaments.

Rakesh Agarwal is also well known as one of the four Indian Poker Players who has won various major tournaments in India.

#7. Rahul Melwani

Rahul melwani with his skill attract the poker players and lovers.having his brilliantly academic career and bright future in it he still makes his career in poker.

  • Personal Life of Rahul 

Rahul lives in a garden which is named as a garden city. He started playing the card game while he pursuing his higher education in Birmingham.along with time his passion towards the game continue to grow Rahul melwani started to travel regularly for Goa to taking part in poker tournaments.he has impressive poker career and record also.

#8. Aditya Agarwal

Aditya Agarwal is among the young professional poker player who has an effective strategy and achieves success in poker career.

  • Personal Life of Aditya

Aditya Agarwal is from Kolkata and has a notable educational background. he is a BBA graduate from the Drexel University Philadelphia.as a professional poker Player, he has traveled many countries to participate in international tournament circuit from last 6 years.

Aditya not only have the passion for playing poker on an offline table but also play poker online. Aditya is a member of team pokers stars pro as well. Besides poker, he loves to listen and enjoy hip-hop music and watching sports.

#9. Lawrence Sanjay

Lawrence Sanjay is a popular poker pro in the Indian poker circuit. With his strategy, he has successfully won many tournaments and still aiming high to go to the World Series of Poker (WSOP) in Vegas.

  • Personal Life of Lawrence

Lawrence Sanjay is from Coimbatore, India and a self-employed. In an interview, he told that he got attached with poker after watching the poker table scenes from the movie Casino Royale. So, as his interest in poker developed, he started playing poker to know the basics and ultimately played poker on the ship Casino Royale.

For Lawrence Sanjay playing poker is more than a hobby. He has started playing live poker on the ship Casino Royale, Goa.

Lawrence in an interview said that he admires people who are good at poker and have strong poker strategies. He also gives the compliment to his fellow poker players such as Aditya Agarwal, Rajesh Goyal, Amit Varma, Aditya Sushant, and Mihail Stoykov.

#10. Amit Jain

Amit Jain is one of the important poker pros in Indian poker circuit and who has a record of winning several Poker tournaments.

  • Personal life of Amit 

Amit Jain is from Mumbai, apart from his hobby of playing poker he is interested in acting also. He is an actor from the famous acting Institute whistling woods international and very soon he makes the debut on silver screen.

#11. Rajesh Arul

Rajesh Arul is a major Player of the poker world, is known for his poker skills and achievement.

  • Personal Life of Rajesh

Rajesh Arul is from Chennai, Tamil Naidu and he is an aeronautical engineer by profession.few facts are available about how his interest developed towards poker game. He also loves to play poker online and his favorite poker site is fulltiltpoker.com

Apart from he loves to play poker his other hobbies are traveling and reading books.


In his poker career, Rajesh Arul plays some significant tournament that includes APT Asian series(APT)Indian poker championship(IPC), Indian poker pros(IPP)and Indian poker series(IPS).

In may 2011. Rajesh played his first Indian poker series-chapter 6 in the event 10K freezout.but he finished on 7th position.

In July 2011, he won Indian poker series-chapter 7 (10K freezout) with a cash prize of 2,00,000 RS.

In the same year, he continued to Play in IPS -chapter 8 in the 6.5K re-entry freezeout but he was unable to secure top position and finished on 9th position.

In September 2011 he debuts in India poker series-chapter 8 in the 15 k freezout tournament and secured 2nd position in the tournament. he won cash amount of rupees 2,00,000.

In the same month, he again played IPP September edition 12 k Bounty and IPP September edition in 5K turbo freezeout and Re-entry but fail in securing top position.

Rajesh Arul was a tough contender in the Indian Poker Championship oct, 2011 in the 6K double bubble event but he fails to capture top position and finished at 4 th position.

In November 2011 he also participates in the APT Asian series Goa 2011 in the 10K freezeout event but he failed in this tournament and finished at 7th position.

#12. Pulkit Kalia

Pulkit Kalia is a young and dynamic poker player who has created a wave in the Indian poker community with his winnings.through out his career he won many tournaments and even cash and become an inspiration for many people.

  • Personal Life of Pulkit

Pulkit Kalia is an engineer by profession.not much known about how he falls in love with this card games and gain success with his effective poker strategy and skills.apart from poker, he has a deep interest in music, movies and sports.he not only love to play real poker but also love to play online poker. As a professional poker player Pulkit has an impressive career he won many significant tournaments and also cash, making himself one if the prominent poker pro in the Indian poker community.

#13. Mihail Stoykov

Mihail Stoykov is a professional poker player who won many tournaments and ranked 3089 in all-time world series of poker ranking.he is a tough contender and easily defeat his opponents.

  • Personal Life of Mihail

Mihail Stoykov is from Bulgaria but now lives in Goa and as a profession, he plays poker.he also play poker online and his favorite online poker site is PokerStars.like many poker lovers, Mihail also dream to play poker in Vegas. As a part of his profession,n he is the content manager of the popular website PokerGuru.apart from poker he also loves fishing.

In his poker career. Mihail Stoykov has played in several international tournaments and won cash .with his impressive poker skills, Mihail so far continued to dominate Indian Poker Circuit.

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