Nitish Gupta conquers the PokerBaazi Winter’18 MoneyMaker 8.0

It is not every day that you get an opportunity to be an integral part of an INR 1 Crore GTD prize pool in an online poker in India. These tournaments are a rare sight that transpires once a month or even less and generally on the prodigious and much prominent Indian Poker websites. PokerBaazi being a laudable exemplar of it hosts the MoneyMaker INR 1 Crore GTD tournament every now and then, the previous being organised in October 2018 wherein Nikhil Sayilen came out on top vanquishing all his opponents and ultimately taking the champion title.

The before mentioned firm, lately, hosted the PokerBaazi Premier League (PPL) Winter Edition which was slated during the span of December 10, 2018 to December 16, 2018 and encompassed a plethora of high value tournaments within the stipulated spell of the league. Howbeit, there was no event that could transcend or get the better of MoneyMaker, which in addition to that served as the Main Event of the PPL winter run.

This was the eighth chapter in the book of MoneyMaker, and all those who enrolled themselves in the tournament on Sunday would have set their heart on taking the honours of champion with that awe-inspiring top prize. By the end of the enrolment phase of MoneyMaker 8.0, an immense field of 1,332 entries (742 players + 590 Re-entries) had signed up for event only to outstrip the guarantee and fashion a new prize pool of a whooping amount of INR 1.33 Crores.

The field was comprehensively thronged with the India’s top poker aces, given the verity that the entry to the tournament itself was a handsome INR 11,000. The most longed for Sunday evening that lasted for 10 intensity and zest filled hours before the wearying grind drew to a close, irrevocably crowned its conqueror Nitish ‘Somnath’ Gupta.

This was probably one of the most admired and historic nights for Gupta as he carved his way through a crammed field, triumphing over a large number of opponents preliminary to eventually becoming the contemporary MoneyMaker champion on PokerBaazi. However, it was not just the glory behind the felicity of Gupta but also the ginormous prize of INR 32,63,400 that he walked away with for emerging out as the victor of the tournament.

Certain players who were close yet so far from winning the title were Vineesh Bhatia aka ‘VanielNegranu’ who emerged a winner previously on PokerBaazi concluded his run at the 13th position for INR 1.33 Lakhs, Sameer Tavanandi aka ‘Killersam’ who won the PPL Leader Board finished at 10th position claiming INR 1.59 Lakhs, the edition 4 MoneyMaker triumphant Guruprasad Gupta aka ‘fish_calling’ who nearly completed his double concluded his bout at the 8th position procuring INR 2.66 Lakhs and Gaurav Sood aka ‘gaug17’ who consummated his run at the 5th position for INR 5.99 Lakhs.

In the fullness of time, the heads-up embarked on between Nitish Gupta and a fairly renowned player Chiraag Patel aka ‘Versutus’ who already had more wins than you can shake a stick at in both the online as well as the live circuit. Although he did make an immensely stirring run, this was just not the night for him as Gupta somehow managed to subdue him for the ultimate astounding prize. However, it was not entirely a night of failure for him as he also cashed out a generous amount of INR 17,98,200 which was also his career best winnings as well.

During an interview when asked about what it feels like to be one of the momentous triumphant in the Indian online poker history, he asserted “The MoneyMaker was pretty plain sailing on all accounts starting from the time I enrolled to the eventual tournament. I just had a very good run from the word go, triumphing in crucial flips whenever I needed the most.” The further questions asked to him are forth mentioned.

  • The MoneyMaker always entices the best players all across the globe, so who do you believe were the most resilient or the toughest opponents in the tournament?

As far as the toughest opposition is considered in this tournament, I believe ‘Versutus’ (Chiraag Patel) put up a very good fight. It was amusing at heads-up when I had a 4:1 chip lead at the outset, however from that moment forth my competitor came back to obtain a 2:1 chip lead over me. At the end of the day however, I played fervently with all the skill I have and managed to conquer the battle.

  • When did you start giving credence to the possibility that you could win this tournament?

I was always very positive about myself; however it was only when I entered the Final Table being placed second in the chip lead, I actually started believing. I said to myself that if I play adroitly and run befittingly from here on, the victory is not far from my grasp.

  • You misapprehended this tournament for The Game Changer?

PokerBaazi is doing an absolute astonishing work. In the general run of the things, I don’t play tournaments. To begin with, I enrolled conjecturing it is the INR 2 Crore GTD tournament, but at a later time I discovered it was INR 1 Crore. To fabricate such high value tournaments and providing the Indian players with an opportunity to participate and compete for such high return on investment is purely sensational. I owe a big thanks to the PokerBaazi team for giving me this opportunity to win big.

Bearing in mind that this was his massive win, Gupta would surely be on the seventh cloud with this win and we are assuming that the jovial revelry went on through the entire night. All the members of his family and friends were extremely delighted and elevated with his win. What’s more is he also disclosed that he intend on to make investments with most of his winnings.


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