PokerBaazi’s Baazi Rewards : PokerBaazi Loyalty Program or Cashback Program

August 21, 2018, a day that turned the world of poker players upside down, a day that went down as a momentous and noteworthy day in the history of Poker in India as it acknowledged the dawn of PokerBaazi.com’s trend setting player loyalty initiative – Baazi Rewards. From the very onset, the participants on the PokerBaazi.com have already procured more rewards than one can shake a stick at through the initiative, which consisted of a diverse variety of gadgets, tournaments tickets, cashbacks, poker packages, travel packages and much more enthralling rewards.

The Baazi Rewards Program is split into two categories. These are based on the volume, games and stakes that a player opts to play.

  • Baazi Loyalty Rewards Program

This category of Baazi Rewards Program caters to all players ( Cash games or MTT’s). Baazi Players can accumulate rewards points and exchange them for the cash prizes,gadgets and more. This is one of the unique feature by PokerBaazi ,moreover these baazi reward points has no expiry date. If Offers players and effective rake-back of up to 50%

  • Baazi Players are rewarded with “Prizes”, which are offered in the form of Real Cash Chips (redeemable), Real Cash Bonus, Tournament tickets, Gadgets, Holiday packages, Poker packages and Luxury Cars – There’s a Jaguar XF 2.0 up for grabs!!!
  • It comprises of 33 Levels which can be unlocked by generating Baazi Reward Points.
  • A Baazi player can target any Level, regardless of whether he/she has unlocked previous levels.
  • There is NO EXPIRY DATE on generating points and achieving a set-out target. This simply means that ANY level/prize is achievable since you don’t have a deadline to meet!
  • These prizes are worth up to 50% in rake back effectively, with 20% being the minimum. This number depends on the levels unlocked. Premium levels will reward you with up to 50%.
  • Taxes attracted by these prizes will be borne entire by PokerBaazi.com.
  • Baazi Cashback Program

Baazi Cashback Program provides Cashback to the players and is preferred by most of the baazi players who love getting monetary rewards. Cashback program is a weekly program which make volume makes an essential factor.

  • A weekly Cash Back is automatically credit to the player based on the number of Reward Points earned in that week (Mon 12:00am-Sun 11:59pm)
  • Baazi Players can earn up to 40% in Cash Back, depending on Points collected.
  • Cash Back is credited at 10:00 am every Monday, along with email confirmation.
  • This Cash Back is rewarded in the form of Real Cash Chips and is
  • Reward Points are reset to zero every Monday at 12:00am

Baazi Rewards Terms and Conditons

  1. In case of claiming a car, taxes will be borne by PokerBaazi, player will only have to bear the cost of registration.
  2. Prizes cannot be transferred to any other player.
  3. All necessary documents for international packages (e.g. visa, passport, travel details, etc) have to be shared at least one month prior to the date of departure.
  4. One level can only be claimed once during a calendar month.
  5. Reward Points have no expiry. However, your Reward Points balance will reduce only in the following cases:
    • . If you do not play any cash games for 30 consecutive days, your Reward Points balance will reduce by 20%.
    • . If you do not play any cash games for 60 consecutive days, your Reward Points balance will reduce by 40%.
    • . If you do not play any cash games for 90 consecutive days, your Reward Points balance will reduce by 60%.
    • . If you do not play any cash games for 120 consecutive days, your Reward Points balance will reduce by 80%.
    • . If you do not play any cash games for 150 consecutive days, your Reward Points balance will reduce by 100%.
  6. All prizes are subject to availability of the mentioned models at the time of claiming the prize. In case of non availability, PokerBaazi will reserve the right to replace the prize with an equally valued prize.
  7. Tournament tickets won through the Loyalty Rewards Program cannot be exchanged for other tournaments or Real Cash prizes.
  8. Level 43 includes Business Class Return Airfare + 20 Nights Stay + Main Event Ticket Worth $10,000 + INR 5 LAC + 5 LAC Real Cash Bonus.
  9. Level 41 includes Return Airfare to Vegas, Australia, Barcelona & Macau + 7 Nights Stay Each + INR 4 LAC.
  10. Level 39 includes Return Airfare + 10 Nights Stay + Main Event Ticket Worth $10,000.
  11. Level 38 Includes Return Airfare + 10 Nights Stay + Tickets worth INR 4.5 LAC.
  12. Level 37 includes Return Airfare For 2 + 2 Nights Cruise From Port of Palm Beach to Grand Bahama Island.
  13. Level 36 includes ICC World Cup 2019 Final & Semi Final Tickets + Return Airfare + 5 Nights Stay.
  14. Level 34 includes Return Airfare + 10 Nights Stay.
  15. Level 31 includes Return Airfare + 7 Nights Stay.
  16. Level 26 includes Return Airfare + 5 Nights Stay + INR 25,000.
  17. Level 25 includes Return Airfare + 5 Nights Stay.
  18. Level 32 includes Return Airfare + 5 Nights Stay + 1.5 Lac Real Cash.

Look at what Baazi  players have claimed in just 5 months:

Talking about the rewards, let us peek into what players have scooped in a mere course of 5 months:

  • 30 Smartphones (which includes OnePlus 6T, OnePlus 6, Samsung S9 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR).
  • A number higher than 4500 daily tournament tickets.
  • 10 Poker packages (inclusive of flights, accommodation, buy-ins to some astonishing events or tournaments in Goa, Las Vegas and Australia).
  • A thumping great INR 5 crore accrued by the players through Cashbacks.

Barring the prizes accumulated over the course of 5 months, what’s astonishingly fascinating to behold is that plenty of players were able to secure these packages and gadgets within the confines of 10 days after plumping for Baazi Rewards.

Intended with the purpose of bestowing the best in class benefits to the players throughout the expanse of stakes and games, the Baazi Rewards Initiative has surely earned extensive applaud from the entire poker community in the country, making the PokerBaazi.com attain new heights of success and become the avant-garde in this particular field of work. Not only has this but it also got the various other operators to get their thinking cap on along the same lines.

The numbers mentioned earlier pretty much tells the story and the awe-inspiring journey that the initiative has had so far. Contestants have procured some of the pronounced benefits through the programme and this is not even the most exciting facet of it, what is the most rousing and stimulating aspect of it is that it does not have any cessation date when it comes to achieving Reward Points and attaining a nparticular reward. The last 5 months have seen participants procure packages and gadgets in a mere span of 2 weeks of contesting and all the credit goes to the newly instigated programme which has provided them with this opportunity to begin with. Players also possess the choice of selecting the Cashback system, which presents them with the redeemable cash on a weekly basis. While already gaining high regard and proffering so much, still the venture has freshly proclaimed a few new additions in the Baazi Rewards Initiative and made certain for us to witness much more exhilaration in 2019 than the 2018.

Fresh additions on Baazi Rewards Program 

  • A number of new levels have been adjoined in the Baazi Rewards Initiative to make things more compelling and intoxicating.
  • Now level 1 can be unlocked with merely 10 points in contrast to the 20 points in the previous version.
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