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Fly to Vegas with The Spartan Poker; Spartan Announces The Poker Trip destination Vegas

For a poker enthusiast, more specifically a player on The Spartan Poker, the year 2019 could not get the ball rolling any better than the way it already has. From the very onset of what is anticipated to be an extremely promising and astonishing year, Spartan Poker has trumpeted a profusion of promotions for cash table players as well as the tournament players, with their most voguish promotions being the all new Spartan Rewards Plus. With this promotion going live, players can claim up to 40% CashBack DAILY.

Besides the introduction of Spartan Rewards Plus, they have also instigated an INR 50 Lakh Instant Bonus Giveaway as per which the players can accrue up to 30% bonus on deposits. Amid all these exhilarating and compelling offers and promotions, Spartan got another show on the road with yet another rendition of the India Online Poker Championship (IOPC), a series rising to crescendo with guaranteed prizes of worth INR 8.5+ Crore.

Perspicaciously, this was not the end of the road for the bewitching prizes the industry giant had for all the poker fanatics across the globe. In an attempt to give something more sublime to their staunched users, Spartan resolved to bestow them with an opportunity to travel to the most voguish poker destination in the world – Las Vegas. However, this was not the first occasion where Spartan sent a handful of players to exotic lush locations as a part of their promotions.

The Poker Trip Destination Vegas Tournament

The most recent offering of Spartan is known as THE POKER TRIP which is slated to begin its course on January 20, 2019 while reaching its culmination on March 31, 2019. This cash game promotion enjoins players to spawn VIP Points on Spartan, the more VIP points the players are able to accumulate the more are their chances to fly off to the ultimate poker destination – Vegas. The promotion is stretched out over 6 discrete levels and comprises of distinct Vegas packages waiting to be won, varying from INR 1.25 Lakh to INR 18 Lakh.

The Poker Trip Destination Vegas Packages

It might seem beyond belief but it indeed is what it is. Throughout the extent of two months, every player contesting on The Spartan Poker possess the opportunity to bag themselves an INR 18 Lakh package trip to the city of poker Las Vegas, where you could in turn proliferate your earnings tenfold. From as low as 25,000 VIP Points at Level 1 to a highest of 3 Lakh VIP Points at Level 6, players can secure a package to Las Vegas.

So, don’t just sit back and watch, start grinding as the promotion will get under way from tomorrow, and you could, for all one knows, be on the next flight to participate in a paramount poker festival in the city of Las Vegas. The most generous package of the promotion, which is INR 18 Lakh, encompasses Business Class Flight tickets, accommodation at a 5 star hotel, Entry to the Main Event along with many other side events to contest in. Below is the dissection on various discrete point levels and their corresponding rewards:

Spartan Loyalty levelThe Poker Trip BenefitsSpartan VIP PointsPackage Worth
Level 6Business Class Ticket
+ 5 Star Hotel
+ Side Events + ME
 3,00,000Rs 18,00,000
Level 5Ticket +Hotel
+ Side Events + ME
Level 4Ticket +Hotel+ ME1,65,0008,25,000
Level 3Ticket +Hotel
+ Side Events
Level 2Ticket +Hotel
+ Side Events
Level 1Ticket +Hotel25,0001,25,000

The Rewards Plus offering presents you with the opportunity to obtain cashback, however on the other hand, The Poker Trip entitles you to play for a definite goal and in this scenario; it is chance to play in Vegas. All that one need to do to be a part of this promotion is opt-in using the code VEGAS. Howbeit, you still need to make note of one thing that you can either participate in the Spartan Rewards Plus promotion or The Poker Trip but not both.

The Poker Trip Destination Vegas Terms and Conditions

1. Opt-In Code – “Vegas”
2. Players can be either be a part of Vegas Promo or Spartan Rewards Plus, not both
3. Players can Opt-out of Vegas Promo by using code: VegasOut
4. Players can Opt-in & Out of the promo as many times they want.
5. Opting out of Vegas Promo will not automatically include player in Spartan Rewards Plus, Player will have to Opt-In following the process for Rewards Plus
6. Flight & Hotel package amount will be credited in players Spartan’s Account.
7. Bankroll will be given to player in form of CHP in his The Spartan Poker/FTR Poker Account
8. Winners will be provided with The Spartan Poker branded merchandise which is required to be worn by the player while playing tournaments in Las Vegas

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